"Netwicks & Chill"

"Netwicks & Chill"

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Casual and relax night in watching movies or TV shows with yourself or a special someone should be warm, cozy and inviting.

Our very first candle, has notes of vanilla, amber, and Cedarwood for a warm and sensual, comforting sexy scent.

To balance out the warmth, a subtle touch of fresh cucumber brings out savoury craving just like binge watching.

To add a playfulness to the scent, a hint of popcorn was expanded to capture the "Netflix" for you to chill to.

Overall this candle evokes the feeling of a cozy night in that starts with you, and potentially someone special.


Play movies, not people.

100% Soy Wax | Burn Time Approximately 30+ hours
Fragrance & Essential oil blends.

Scents to Sounds
1. "Popcorn"

Q: What kind of Mood?
A: You already know...

Q: Top 3 songs to burn to?
A: Ginuwine - "Pony"
A: Destiny's Child - "Cater 2 You"
A: Usher ft Lil'Jon & Ludacris - "Lovers & Friends" (LIVE)
Bonus Track : FKJ - Lying Together

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