Embarking on an Olfactory Odyssey.

Esteemed Patrons,

We extend a formal invitation to discerning enthusiasts of olfactory refinement to participate in a collaborative exploration of fragrant opulence. As connoisseurs of scents and ambiance, we invite you to join us in a venture where the creation of fragrance transcends the ordinary, evolving into an art form synonymous with us.

Why Engage in a Collaborative Endeavour w/ MOOD & CO?

At MOOD & CO. we epitomize refined taste and sophistication. Collaborating with us signifies entrance into a realm where fragrances cease to be mere scents; they become narratives of luxury. Each collaborative endeavour unfolds as a bespoke journey, meticulously crafting olfactory compositions that echo the essence of our storied timeline. We've been thrilled to work with STEAM-WHISTLE brewery, CHATIME, WESTERN, IVEY and many more.

Formal Offerings:

  • Partake in the artistic process within our exclusive founder, where scents and natural ingredients await your discerning touch.
  • Benefit from the guidance of MOOD & CO's esteemed founder, refining your artistic vision into a fragrance opus of unparalleled elegance.
  • Showcase your refined aromatic creations to our distinguished clientele, ensuring your contributions grace the most elite stages.
  • Co-curate bespoke scents that endure as a testament to the timeless sophistication synonymous with us.

How to Engage in the MOOD & CO. Olfactory Realm: For those who aspire to immerse themselves in the ultimate olfactory collaboration, we extend a formal welcome to enter the esteemed world of MOOD & CO. Kindly connect with us at or via @moodaco, and let us embark together on a journey where fragrance collaboration embodies unparalleled refinement.

Join us in the creation of scents that transcend the ordinary, where each collaborative endeavour is a sensorial masterpiece designed to captivate the most discerning of tastes.

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