Embark on a journey through the ethereal w/ our new  V I N T A GE COLLECTION of glass and crystalware candles, where every piece is a unique narrative, a one-of-one creation that echoes the whispers of the past. Crafted w/ sea glass, each vessel tells tales of shores kissed by waves and sands that cradle secrets.

In the spirit of sustainability and connection, these candles are more than an illumination; they are an ode to the cyclical dance of nature. Enveloped in the mystique of sea glass and dusted with the brilliance of pyrite, each candle embodies the philosophy of rebirth and replenishment.

Philosophy of Sustenance: Upon completing its radiant journey, return your vessel to us, and we will replenish it for half the price. It's not just a candle; it's a commitment to sustainability and the timeless cycle of giving and receiving. (Locals only)

Poetry in Flame and Stone: Lit, the sea glass comes alive, its hues glowing like the sun's reflection on ocean waves. As the flame mirrors the sun, the glass gradually sinking into the melted wax, creating an illusion of gentle submersion into tranquil waters. The pyrite, a celestial companion, shimmers like the sun's dance on rippling water, adding an enchanting touch to this poetic experience.

With the V I N T A G E COLLECTION luminescent tides, immerse yourself in the alchemy of light and shadow, fire and water. Embrace the sustainable narrative, where each flicker is a homage to the past, present, and the infinite horizon that awaits.

Illuminate, Rejuvenate and Commemorate.

This is made with pure essential oils and this glassware is 1/1.
Replenish candles for half price, locals only.