"Scent and the City"

"Scent and the City"

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A bold and sophisticated scent that captures the essence of the show's cosmopolitan setting and the dynamic personalities of its characters.

Top notes of cranberry cosmo, luxurious sandalwood, mingled with floral and musk, and a subtle hints of citrus notes to represent the glamorous lifestyle of the show's protagonists.

Base warm notes of vanilla, blends of exotic spices, and sensual woodsy notes to evoke the sensuality and passion that are central themes of the show.

Elegant and playful Overall, this candle is a complex and alluring blend that captures the energy and excitement of Sex and the City.

Sweet, sassy and sexy just like Sarah Jessica Parker! From the Metropolitan to a few cosmopolitans. This is perfect for get-togethers, Cheers!

100% Soy Wax | Burn Time Approximately 30+ hours
Fragrance & Essential oil blends.

Scents to Sounds
3. "Walking On The Edge"

Q: What kind of Mood?
A:  Spontaneous nights and fun get-togethers

Q: What songs to play?
A: Haddaway - "What is Love" LIVE
A: Janet Jackson - "Together Again"
A: Destiny's Child - "Jumpin' Jumpin'"
Bonus Track - Al Green Ft. Joss Stone "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart" (Sex and The City Soundtrack)

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